About the hit against the berlin municipal police

Documentation and translation from linksunten.indymedia.org:

Yesterday night during a spontaneous Warmup Party of the campaign against the 16th International Police Congress five cars of the regulatory agency were torched and colourbottles were thrown against the building in Berolinastraße.

If we only would see the Police Congress as an exhibition of the security industry, we would not have given this small present to the municipal police. The function of the regulatory agency invites to a more precisely consideration.

Most of the anger the socalled municipal patrol doesn´t get for sure because of the imposition of fines or their rude actions even because of trivial infringements. Their most important job seems to be the ubiquitous presence of a state control function in the everyday life.
Throughout Europe after urban unrests the use of the military was discussed, 2005 in the french Banlieues, during greek december 2008, after the riots 2001 in London. That the use of military did not happened has various reasons, the current governments are anyhow aware that an order is not symbolised through massive presence of heavy armed units, but rather through an intensive interlinking of police functions with the normal everyday life. For citizens, the participation in a regulatory power shall be easy and the mutual control improved, by fear at the same time to attract attention because of different behaviour.

So a lot of states have build up a „smooth“ police apparatus next to the usual forces. The Guardia Urbana in Barcelona next to the Mossos and the Policia Nacional, local police forces in the hot zones of France next to the CRS and also citizen-friendly civil servants in London, which shall find a better access to the population. In Athens exists with the unarmed muncipal police a pendant to the german regulatory agency. Only Italy chose here a special path with patrols of the army in the cities.

The berlin regulatory agencies act there where an intervention of the police is not necessary and still before the district manager, with whom police and regulatory agency work close together.
As a typical example of modern fight against insurrection the Myfest in Kreuzberg can be seen.
District manager and private security companies came together with the police through youth institutions as well as schools. There are security operations of the police with property companies, schools, public transport companies and private security services. „Henkels ( german politician – Senator of the Interior) little helpers“ (BZ headline (german yellow press) about 12 year old Myfest security gurads) and an extensive acceptance towards the premonition of norm violation are the result of that. Then the civil servant of the regulatory agency, who checks with the ruler the correct position of chairs in outdoor gastronomy or of tables at fleamarkets, seems to be like in a caricature.

This german thoroughness creates fear when we think about the today´s date 80 years before. The silent transition from the police of the Weimar Republic into the security organs of the Nazis caused only for a few of cops problems, they only helped to the implementation of prevailing right. After they slid over smooth as well into the People´s Police (police of the GDR) and the westgerman police, always on the side of „law and order“.

No matter if they took part in genocide in occupied territories under the name of „order police“ or they bump into you as „regulatory agency“ because your dog is is not on the lead; behind that always hides the conviction that the individual freedom of one person is nothing worth opposite the construct of a national public interest, which unfortunately only can be achieved with violence.

With our Warm Up Party we want to warn that this belief to a necessity and authority of state presence in your own life only can be broken when their vulnerability will be proved. And the authority of the berlin districts, who decides about the dealings with refugees, the displacement of drunkards and romas from parks and places and a repressive youth policy, is vulnerable, in many places.

To cause the european security architecture to collapse!

Autonomous Groups 30/01/2013