European Police Congress in Berlin

In February 2013 the 16th European Police Congress will be held in Berlin. According to the numbers of the responsible organiser, a publishing company for administration issues, around 1.600 participants coming from more than 50 countries attended the last congress in 2012.
Cops, politicians, enterprises and other VIPs meet there once a year to coordinate their interests. While members of the administration get free access, normal journalists and people have to pay around thousand euro for registration. Enterprises with commercial interests pay per square meter for exhibition ground. Well-known brands were present the last years.
For example Taser, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle or t-systems. As international as the exhibitors are the speakers, coming from administrations all over Europe, police-forces from countries as far as Taiwan and from multinational enterprises .
Thus the character of this international event is a mixture of a trade show and a semi-informal meeting. While it’s a much liked place for the marketing of repression hardware like weapons and police gear, the most current concern of the pigs is to gain the ability to handle the enormous loads of data, that have come up in the age of internet and mass-surveillance.
Due to this dilemma, most exhibitors are offering the state systems and frameworks for acquisition and management of information. Additionally, many workshops during the congress deal with these problems, and offer a locale for exchanging experience in this regard.
As in former years, autonomous groups are calling for action around that time. For some years now the Police Congress was an occassion for many people to go to the streets and express their rage against surveillance, control and repression. Not only demonstrations but also physical attacks against police infrastructure have accompanied the last years meetings. Though far from chasing the police out of the city, it is planned to raise the resistance level by level. A demonstration is announced for the 16th of February.

Mobivideo for the last year.
Cops try to get into a squat after the demonstration against the policecongress 2012.

Call for demonstration at the 16th of february 2013

Demonstration against the international policecongress

The 16th European Policecongress takes place from 19th till 20th february 2013 in Berlin. Of course also this year there will be protests. A demonstration on the 16th of february will mark various critical points of the event and make them publicy available.
Already last year, the machinations of security politicians, government officials (men only) and companies were examined imaginative.

Meanwhile, a lot of things happened; at the external borders of the EU, an unknown number of migrants were drowned or died in another way through the mission of FRONTEX .

Currently Greece is proud to announce the completion of a border fence with Turkey.

Just a few days ago 27 refugees drowned before the island of Lesbos.

Whatever may be decided at the last Policecongress, the greek police is not left in the lurch by the community of the states. The greek police received in the recent months new bulletproof vests for the riot unit MAT and several new water cannons, of which the crew was probably trained in Germany. As part of a really since long time seen as an outdated Counter policy of South American dictatorships, the greek police entered into a merger with the Nazi party Chrisi Avgi, nourishing rumours of death squads. Facing this background, the ongoing operation since the summer „Xenios Zeus“ must be considered as agreed with the EU.

In Spain, the “Security Forces” were facing strong protests because of cuts in the social sector and of the rights of the working population. During the general strike in March and November, as well as at the demonstrations of the Asturian miners, Spanish and Catalan cops used rubber bullets heavily.
There Ester Quintana was shot out an eye.

If concepts of crowd control will be discussed at the Policecongress, it is not improbable that the regional differences will be compared and improved in their effectiveness. The protester as a guinea pig for officers of operations and weapon companies, be it chemical weapons like in Greece or rubber bullets like in spain. Until a few days ago the EUGENDFOR was listed on the sponsor page of the Congress. In the meantime especially Germany was very business-minded. The democratic dictator Lukaschenko received computers, video technology and the completely equipment for a hundred-strong unit of his police for fighting against riots.

Even with the Ku Klux Klan, the cooperation was so good that German officials were members there until they were too radical for the Klan, however.

The collaboration with the judiciary was satisfactory from the police perspective, all cases because of deadly police operations were dismissed and the life of Oury Jalloh was evaluated by the District Court of Magdeburg with 10.000 euros as acceptable for the cash desk of the police union.

In the “problematic district” Wedding(Berlin) the police could show what they were trained for.

The upcoming Policecongress also reveals one of the future priorities when it comes to the complete penetration of private life with state surveillance mania. A future price policing: „Social Networks“ will be awarded by an illustrious jury of highly criminal violators of human rights.
The demonstration against the Police Congress is not dominated by any group and it is not even claimed to be able to cover all aspects. Therefore own views and mobilizations are welcome.

Demonstration on Saturday, 16th february 2013

20 p.m. – Mariannenplatz, Berlin-Kreuzberg

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